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Sunday, May 19, 2013

tips on how to break a virgin girl

One day, i had neibor who was girl. They were staying two and we were staying two also. I wanted to do one girl and so one day when my roomate was cooking Ugali, i sneaked into the neibor house and borrowed the things of that girl. She tell me she is virgin and cannot. I touch her breasts and they all stand and she start kissing me. She sighs hard and hard and we remove all clothes and i put her on her bed.

I take my penis and trie to insert on her virgina but it refuse. She is virgin and there is no hole. I tried and tried but cannot go in. She cry of pain and i dont stop but my penis does not go in. So she throws me away and she put clothes. I trie to beg her to let me pour but she cannot. I tell her to touch the penis up and down so that i pour but she still cry of pain and tell me to get out.

I go with my penis still standing and tell me roomate. He laughs at me and tell me he cannot do virgin. Tomorrow, i say hi to the girl but she refuse to answer.

Two weeks after, my roomate go to her house and ate her. He told me its me i dont know how to eat virgin girls. He say, first put finger with oil (any oil, even oil for face) in her virgina. When one finger enter, he put two. Slowly, not by force as he suck the breasts. The girl felt good and tell the roomate to enter his penis. He enter his penis slowly and then with speed. The girl felt good. From that day, he eat the girl every day except when she is seeing.

Later, when she see me, she throw saliva out and say 'mmmm'. Then two years we see each other and asks 'wanjohi, niwamenyire guikana?' Meaning wanjohi, did you know how to do people?' I say yes and tell her to give me. She say, noo. i cannot give you if first time you make me feel pain and all you wanted was to pour. You are selfish and i will not give you!

From that day i say, if one is virgin, i will follow the advise of my friend. Use oil (even for face) and start with fingers. Good advise, isnt it?

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